Product quality and warranty

Now there is a special sensitivity to recreate in our homes comfortable, functional, and welcoming furnishings which describe the personality of those who live in it; furnishings that are perfectly suited to the surroundings. Both for classical locations, rich in history with their colours and flavours, and for the metropolitan architecture of the big cities, MasoniOnline succeeds in reinventing interior design, thanks to many years experience, a wide selection of products at the forefront of made in Italy design and of international design, and a talent for interpreting to the best the taste of living of increasingly demanding customers.

Products Warranty

1. Products are matched with regular sales invoice (or receipt) usable for the 24-month warranty on defects of conformity, issued by Masoni Elio s.r.l. UNIPERSONALE in accordance with the Consumer Code.

1a. For purchases with invoice issued to professional with VAT and companies the warranty on the lack of conformity is 12 months.

2. The regular 24-month warranty is valid only in case the products are used in an appropriate manner in compliance with the specific intended use and maintenance.

3. In the case that some manufacturers are promoters of extended warranty periods compared to the standard on their products these periods will be specified in the product description.

4. MasoniOnline is constantly working to reduce waiting times, simultaneously our work depend on the timing of production and management of our suppliers.

5. In case of returns for manufacturing defects, the responsible for creating a suitable package to be transported is the customer.