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About Us...

The company:

The Masoni Elio company, synonymous with guarantee and quality, was founded in 1960, distinguishing itself from the beginning in the production and marketing of iron articles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, for the community and for the home.
Over time the company develops by evolving its business.
Progressively abandoned production at the end of the 1980s, in the 1990s it concentrated on marketing, consolidating partnership ties with leading brands in the interior and exterior furnishing sector.
In the following years, the company expanded, creating a design space in which 360-degree projects of contemporary living were born and developed. It starts from the consulting to the purchase, up to the 3D design of garden structures, kitchens, living areas, sleeping areas.

In recent years, with the entry into the company of young and enterprising staff, we have created masonionline.com an online sales site that allows us to arrive in very distant places.


Since 2013 has been born the new E-Commerce service MasoniOnline with the intention of breaking down the borders and make sure to succeed in bringing our business to a broader spectrum of people.
This path makes today the company all-round, able to meet the needs of both individuals and big hotel chains with the seriousness and the professionalism passed down over the years by Masoni family.



Chairs, tables, sofas, furniture of the most important companies in the contemporary design: Kartell, Calligaris, Gervasoni, Varier, Foscarini, Pedrali, Kastel are just some of many brands treated.
Show Room in: Via della Botte 51, Fornacette (PI) - Italy.


Catalog of Indoor & Outdoor selected items for the interior and exterior of bars, restaurants and hotels.
Show Room in: Via della Botte 51, Fornacette (PI) - Italy.



A wide exposition of a complete furnishing of outer space. Collections of garden furniture that evoke the classic style and collections that belong to the latest trends in contemporary design.
Design, manufacture and installation of pergolas and gazebos made of wood, iron and aluminum.
Masoni is Maxidealer Jacuzzi and it distributes the most prestigious brands in the industry: Emu, Royal Botania, Dedon, Roda, Kettal, Manutti, Sifas, Fast Garden.
Show Room in: Via della Circonvallazione 10, Fornacette (PI) - Italy.