Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Have you got any showroom in Europe?

Of course! Our showroom is in Italy, in Strada Prov. della Botte, 51 56012 Fornacette (PI). You can visit us from Monday to Sunday, you'll see more than 2500 square meters dedicated to all of our products for the furniture, where the courtesy and professionalism of our staff will guide you for choosing the most appropriate type of furniture for your home or for your business.


When is MasoniOnline customer service active?

The MasoniOnline Customer Service is available to customers from Tuesday to Saturday at the following times:
morning:  from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
afternoon:  from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm

For more information go to Customer Service page.


How do I contact MasoniOnline Customer Service by phone?

Just type one of the following numbers during office hours:
From Italy Toll Free Number: 800 301 343
From abroad:+39 (0)587 420014

First press 1 to select Italian language, or press 2 to select English language, then enter the number 4 to be able to speak with one of our operators. If you wish to contact our Customer Service in any other way click here to find out how.




How can I see the products' discounted price?

In the descriptions there are the list price, the discount and the discounted price.
We offer to our customers the best price in the most transparent way.


How is VAT managed?

The following simple table summarizes all cases and the related VAT management:

The system, according to the cases, automatically performs VAT spinning off.



Do I need an account to order on MasoniOnline?

To place an order on MasoniOnline you need an account. To create an account is very simple: just click on the button "Sign Up" at the top of the website in the right area and follow the instructions.


Can I order by phone, e-mail or fax?

It's possible to take advantage of the benefits offered by MasoniOnline, such as discounted prices and Free Standard Shipping, even placing an order via phone, e-mail, please contact our Customer Service.


Can I change my order?

Once you have done the payment, or the payment of the deposit, you can not change the order anymore. MasoniOnline staff is at your disposal for any order communications, however, there is no guarantee that they can be taken into consideration depending on progress of the production. For more information, please go to General Terms and Conditions Page.


How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your orders by logging into your account. For more information click on Log In.


What should I do if at the checkout system is not able to calculate shipping fees?

If during checkout, once entered all the required information, "shipping costs can not be calculated" comes out  we recommend anyway to complete your order. You will be contacted by our Customer Service that will send you a summary of your order by email with calculated shipping fees. At this point you can choose to go on with the payment of the order or to cancel it. For more information please contact our Customer Service. 


Payment Terms

Is it safe to buy on MasoniOnline?

We take your safety very seriously. Protecting sensitive information is our priority. All data concerning your personal information are safe in MasoniOnline database and they are not given to third parties unless such disclosure is required by law: Article 21 of Decree Law No. 78 of 2010 (Italian law), requires retailers to keep a list of all customers who purchases transactions in excess of € 3,600.00, then send it to the Italian Inland Revenue.


What is the currency adopted by MasoniOnline?

MasoniOnline displays all prices in Euro by default. Prices can be converted into pounds sterling (GBP) and U.S. dollars (USD). In any case, your bank or credit card company will charge the purchase amount in the currency of your country, using the current exchange rate.


What methods of payment does MasoniOnline accept?

The payment methods accepted by MasoniOnline are:

  • Bank transfer (total amount or split payment for orders over 500 )
  • Paypal or Credit Cards

For more information please visit Payment Page.

NOTE: the shipping address provided on Paypal must be the same as that provided during the purchase on MasoniOnline.


Is it possible to pay by cash on delivery (COD)?

We do not accept cash on delivery. Since the couriers receive payments in cash only and give no change there may be cases in which the person who has to make the payment is absent (despite the phone notice, a situation that occurred more than once) or missing the availability of the exact amount in cash (probable situation). All of this leads to discomfort both you, our customers, and the carrier itself, which is forced to put in storage your supply, making involve additional costs to you.



Shipping and Delivery Terms:

How can I see shipping fees?

In Italy shipping fees are free for orders over 400€. In case of orders with a lower amount shipping fees are calculated on weight and volume of products purchased. It is possibile to calculate shipping fees when you are in the cart page.

In case that shipping fees can't be calculated we suggest to go on and complete the order. You will be contacted from our customer care staff to inform you about the amount of shipping fees. When you will receive this communication you can choose if to pay and complete the order or cancel the purchase. For more information don't heistate to contact us


How long do I have to wait before my delivery takes to arrive?

In each product descriptive card is inserted an indicative information about the expected time (expressed in weeks) for the product to arrive at our warehouse.
This information is formulated by us on the basis of the orders history of each supplier and is purely indicative, we advise you to contact us to have an ad hoc forecast on the article or articles of your interest. Times could be reduced!
After receiving your goods we will send them back, by courier specialized in transporting furniture or express courier, to the address given to us when ordering. For more information, see the Shipping and Delivery page.
In case of particular urgencies we advise you to contact our customer care service to get the real availability of items in stock.
NOTE: for orders placed close to the summer break, Black Friday and the Christmas period, average leading times could increase.


Does MasoniOnline ship out U.E.?

Shipping is available in Italy, throughout Europe and in some countries outside Europe:

- Canada
- China
- Colombia
- Mexico
- Panama
- United States
- Uruguay

For shipping to countries not included in the list please contact our Customer Service.


I received a damaged / wrong item, what should I do?

When you receive goods at home you should:

-Check if the number of packages correspond with what it is written on transport document;
-Checkintegrity status of packages; in case packages are damaged, best to accept goods and sign the document of transportation adding the note: "Subject to Control Verification for Torn / Wet Packaging". It is important to accept all items, regardless of their integrity status;
-Keep the original packaging;
-Send by e-mail a description of how established enclosing the photographic material, to MasoniOnline Customer Service.
-For more information go to Delivery Suggestions Page.