DESIGN ICONS: gratest history masters transposed into furnishing elements.

LANCER MOONGLASS: as a satellite to be explored.


LLT: the glass as a real protagonist

SAIA COLLECTIONS: classical ideal in a contemporary touch


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Masoni On line is the perfect online shop where to buy outdoor and indoor design furniture. In our shop you can find best design solutions for living your garden or your terrace and all the rooms of your house with comfort and style. Furniture and objects of design made in Italy and from best international brands in order to offer high quality and elegant products. Kartell, Gervasoni, Pedrali, Connubia, Emu, Lago, Jacuzzi and Foscarini are just some of the brands that you can find in our catalog.

Garden and Outdoor Furniture

Your garden, your terrace or your outdoor area deserve furniture studied to be pratical and beautiful in order to enjoy every outdoor moment with friends and relatives. In our catalog you can find outdoor chairs and tables, armchairs, poufs and sofas, umbrellas and sunshades, hammocks, lamps, kitchens and a lot of accessories useful to live outside.

Special Chairs and Tables

If you need chairs or tables for your kitchen or your dining room, in our shop you can find fixed, extending, foldable square or oval tables in different finishing and materials like wood, metal, ceramic and glass. Connubia, Lago, Gervasoni, Kartell, Pedrali and a lot of other brands in order to make your lunch and dinner unforgettable.

Home Furnishing

o you wish to furnish your dining room, your bedroom or your living room with style, convenience and quality products saving money at the same time? In our shop you can find a wide range of chairs and tables, sofas, beds, carpets and design furniture selected in order to offer you unique solutions, even considering price.
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