Shipping and Delivery Terms


Packages Volume < 0.25 mc: Delivery by courier.

Packages Volume > 0.25 mc: Delivery by courier specialized in transporting furniture. Our experience has led us to make this choice because over the years we have seen how greater were care, professionalism and quality adopted by this type of courier in the transportation of delicate products such as furniture, compared to a normal courier.


Shipping Times

At the time when we receive the order from our customers can occur the following cases:

  1. We have the availability of products in our warehouse (only in the case of small packages) => prompt shipment to the final customer;

  2. We do have NOT the availability of products in our warehouse => send the order to our suppliers:
    • Suppliers have the availability to their warehouse (rare) => prompt shipment to our warehouse;
    • Suppliers have NOT the availability to their warehouse (rare) => start of production of the furniture.

Once the supply will arrive at the warehouse MasoniOnline we will make the delivery as quickly as possible. In the event that the objects are to be produced, within our descriptions, we have indicated the expected time for delivery to our warehouse. These times are obviously approximate information and do not mean that will always be respected by our suppliers; they are based on a statistical average, processed according to the time of delivery of each supplier.

We will not accept responsibility for delays that may occur regardless of our actions.

Once shipped the goods, the delivery time depends on the courier and may vary depending on the destination and must be added to the number of weeks indicated in the descriptions:

  • courier specializes in transporting furniture, ship in Italy: 2-7 working days;
  • courier specializes in transporting furniture, ship in Europe: 6-12 working days;

  • courier (for packages up to 0.25 cubic meters), ship in Italy: 1-3 working days;

  • courier (for packages up to 0.25 cubic meters), ship in Europe: 6-7 working days.

NOTE: for orders placed close to the summer break, during Black Friday and the Christmas period, average leading times could increase, due to the particularity of these periods and to the companies closing. 
We prefer in such cases to provide information that can somehow reflect reality rather than create false illusions.

Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping, both in Italy and in Europe, is determined by the destination and the volume/weight, based on tranches set by our couriers. Often it is possible that after adding items to the cart, the cost of shipping changes. We assure you that the calculation of shipping costs has been designed in order to be as fair as possible, trying to reconcile the quality of the shipping service with a reasonable price.


Free shipping in the European Union

The standard shipping (street level - no assembling) is FREE in the European Union if you have purchased a product of the following brands: LAGO, CATTELAN ITALIA, and MINIFORMS - except for other promotions in progress.

Thus, if the delivery will be in a state member of the European Union (*), the voice "Shipping & Handling" will be 0,00 € on your shopping cart.


(*) Places excluded from this promotion: 

  • Cyprus (CY)
  • Malta (MT)
  • Balearic Islands (ES)    
  • Canary Islands (ES)    
  • Mykonos (EL)                       
  • Limnos (EL)                       
  • Rhodes (EL)                       
  • Madeira (PT)                             
  • Azores Islands (PT)                  
  • Cres (HR)      


Shipping costs outside the European Union

When the shipping costs are not automatically calculated by the system, we suggest completing, however, the order online; our customer service will contact you offering different shipping methods, such as sea freight (more economical, but slower) or air freight (faster but more expensive) with delivery at home or with the possibility to pick the goods up at forwarder's warehouse (more economical), insured or not insured by transport damages. Finally, you can decide if complete the order with the payment or if instead leave it.

Any customs duties, VAT or any other fees on import are NOT included.


Only for the USA

The system automatically calculates the shipping costs for some US cities, following the list:
EAST COST: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Orlando, Miami
WEST COAST: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego

PLEASE NOTE: the shipping costs automatically calculated for the cities above include sea freight (Incoterms: CFR shipment), NOT insured, until the forwarder's warehouse nearest the port terminal.
The delivery at home is NOT included.
Any US customs duties or any other fees on import are NOT included.

Transit time: starts from 16 to 22 days for the East coast.
Starts from 30 to 36 days for the West coast


Additional Fees for Special Locations

Shipping costs do not include additional fees concerning all those special locations that are accessible only by special means of transport or for all those buildings that can not be reached by a semi-trailer. In all these cases we include additional costs that are estimated according to the situation: we can consider as an example old town centers where trucks have no access, minor islands, or unfinished buildings which are still considered construction sites.

If the shipment has to be delivered in one of the areas listed above, please contact our customer service immediately after purchase to facilitate the planning of the shipping service and to calculate the cost of shipping inclusive of various supplements. In case you are in the above conditions but not promptly pointed out, any supplement will be charged to the customer.

WARNING: supplements are applied regardless of any promotion.



Delivery will be made exclusively to the street level: the trucker unloads the supplies from his vehicle at the "street level". The courier shall not be obliged to make delivery to any upper floors. The customer, if he wants, can help the driver during the unloading of packages (highly recommended).

Deliveries to the United Kingdom from 1st January 2021
As you certainly know, from 1st January 2021 the United Kingdom has become a non-EU country.
All deliveries to the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, and islands) will be subjected to the Brexit application and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the European Union and the U.K.

This means that:
All sales to the U.K. will therefore become export VAT-exempt.
Any product shipped to the U.K. will be handled at the Customs Clearance for checking.
According to the TCA, NO duties will be charged to the goods produced in the European Union with a value under € 6.000
The additional routes necessary for the completion of import customs operations might cause possible delays in deliveries.

Our Customer Care will be available for any assistance in this transition time and will give any further information on this subject.

For further information:

Collection from our Warehouse

If the customer wants, he can pick up the supplies purchased directly from our warehouse from Tuesday to Saturday at Via Della Botte, 51 FORNACETTE (PI), avoiding paying the shipping costs.



If you are interested in porterage or assembly service, please contact us and ask for a quotation, we can offer this kind of service in many countries inside UE.
Among all our products there are some that, once unpacked, must be assembled/mounted. Each product has its own level of difficulty in assembly/installation. To provide an indication of what might be this difficulty level, we have adopted a simple system of classification based on the drawings described below.

No assembling: are part of this category all those products that do not require any type of assembly.

Easy Assembling: fall into this category of all those products that, for their assembly, do not require special skills or special tools.

Easy or Medium Assembling: do not fall into the categories of products that require special skills mounting but it may take some specific tools.

Medium assembling: for these products is often required to use the drill for wall mounting (eg suspended elements for the living room) and related tools (e.g. plugs). We recommend the use of an electric screwdriver. For those who have little experience is suggested the presence of a helper.

Elaborate Assembling: the mounting of this type of product requires the presence of a minimum of two people. It takes a fair amount of experience in the assembly in the furnishing and specific tools, however, present in any home.

Advanced Assembling: are required at least two expert assemblers preferably in the field of furniture. It's necessary to use specific tools.



At the time of sale, MasoniOnline issues regular sales invoices valid for the 24-month guarantee on the non-conformity of production. At the time when the customer receives the packages is strongly exhorted to follow the procedure Receiving Goods: if you need, inside you will find the steps to follow to speed up the replacement of all or part of the object.